How It Works

What is all about? is your answer to getting access to the hottest designs at a fraction of the cost for your business or event completely online. Our templates are provided in Adobe Photoshop (.PSD) files that are editable in layers.

Not an Adobe Photoshop user? Pick any flyer and we can customize the text within 24 hours with our flyer text edit package. We can custoize your design in any language even special Chinese or Japanese characters. Or, if you are an Adobe Photoshop user, simply purchase & download your .PSD file and edit your leisure.

We can adapt any flyer you see on the site to incorporate your logos, photos and information – most within a 48 hour turnaround time. In addition, we can create a custom design at your request. Our most popular requests are for parties and events, product and small business promotions, CD release, designs for Facebook & Twitter pages, and night club events.

Why Should I buy my marketing materials from

You name it, we got it! We buy materials from designers all over the world who are in touch with the latest global design trends and hot events. In addition to offering these excellent affordable designs, we provide 5 star service and support. In most cases we will respond to your inquiry within less than 2 hours Monday – Friday.

At, you get:

  • Hundreds of professionally designed .PSD templates
  • A great deal on custom design work
  • 5 star customer support

How It Works

  • For purchasing the Adobe Photoshop templates:
    • Browse site for cool designs
    • Add selections to your cart by pressing the “add to cart” button
    • Checkout using preferred method. We accept credit card, Paypal and Google Checkout
    • Your purchased files will be instantly available in your account under the “Purchased Files” tab for download onto your desktop
  • For purchasing the flyer text edit package:
    • Browse site for cool designs
    • Press the “contact us” button at the bottom of your preferred design
    • Send us a note with the text edits you would like
    • We will confirm & send you an invoice via PayPal or Google Checkout (whichever you prefer)
    • You will receive a link to a proof of your flyer with your specified text edits
    • Upon confirmation of your approval you will receive a link to you files (.jpg for web & .pdf for print)
  • For custom designs
    • Contact us
    • We will return your inquiry asap and provide a quote for your custom project
    • We will confirm & send you an invoice via PayPal or Google Checkout (whichever you prefer)
    • You will receive a link to a proof of your custom flyer design. We provide 2 complimentary revisions (image size, placement, font, color). Additional changes will be charged by the hour
    • Upon confirmation of your approval you will receive a link to you files (.jpg for web & .pdf for print and .psd upon request)
  • FAQs

    Do you offer printing services?

    Yes, we offer very competitive printing services. Please contact us for a quote.

    What is the typical download size of your templates and how long will it take to download it?

    Typically, the size falls in the range of 15 to 20MB. All our templates are made available for download in a .zip format (compressed format) and hence the download should be very fast.

    The template I downloaded won't open? What went wrong?

    We compress our templates in a .zip format to increase download speed and so you will need to unzip it first to view the contents. Unzipping takes a few moments and can be done using unzip software programs like Winzip. Make sure you are using Adobe Photoshop to open your file. GIMP will not work to edit our templates.

    I purchased a template from you, but somehow misplaced the file. Can I get the download link again?

    Your purchases are available permanently on your downloads page. You can re-download at any time at no further charge.

    Are your templates editable? And if yes, do I need any professional software programs to edit them?

    Yes, all our templates are completely editable. You can change anything from content, to images to font sizes and typography. Adobe Photoshop is the required software in most cases.

    Can I change/alter images on the template?

    Yes you can replace or alter any image you want on the template.

    Are your templates compatible for the Mac OSX?

    Yes they are. But you need to have a software program that supports the .PSD format (Adobe Photoshop)

    How can I print my designs? What options are available?

    You can print the design using your desktop printer. If you are going to be printing large volumes go for commercial press printing.

    • Printing Using Commercial Press
      • If you think you need huge print volumes, it would be better to consider printing in a commercial press. After locating a commercial press printing service, all you need to do is burn the edited template onto a CD and provide the same to them. The printing service will then print out the flyer in a bunch and slice them to make finished copies. All our templates come with bleeds so the slicing will not affect the design look. In this case the printing service provider will give you a choice of papers on which to take the print. You can decide on the paper based on your budget and needs.
    • Desktop Printing
      • Desktop printing can be done in-house using an inkjet or digital printer. You will require special 80lb or 100lb stock papers to print the brochures on. These papers are easily available in the market at a low cost in a variety of gloss and matte finishes. You can make use of desktop printing in-case the volume of prints you require is not very high.

    What are bleeds and what should I know about them in order to ensure better quality printing?

    Bleeds are nothing but extra template size around the edges of the design, generally in the range of 1/8th of the total template size. Bleeds are useful when the templates are finally sliced to get the final product by ensuring that there is solid ink coverage on all template edges.

    What kind of rights do I get over my brochure templates?

    With each purchase you get royalty free usage rights to use the template as many times as you want to create a design for your event. You have complete rights to edit the brochure in anyway you want. But please note that you are under no circumstances allowed to resell/redistribute/lease/sublease/license/sublicense our templates to any third party. For more details on this, please go through our license agreement.

    Will you sell the same template to another customer?

    Yes, we will be selling the same template to other customers as well. In case you would like to purchase full copyrights over a template, please contact our sales team using this contact form

    What is the price of your templates?

    Templates prices range between $19 and $39

    Do I get any rebates or discounts if I buy multiple templates?

    If you would like to purchase 10 or more templates, please contact us for a special deal.

    Do you offer any kind of membership program?

    We are planning to start a membership programs soon. But at present we are not offering any.

    What is your return policy?

    Due to the digital nature of this product, we really cannot have a buy-back policy. Instead, if you feel that there is a defect in the template or if you want a different format, we would be glad to give you a fresh download link again.

    I am ready to print, but some graphics on your flyer look dull. Any reason?

    All our graphics are of high resolution suitable for professional printing. Some software programs might display dull graphics, but print output will be of the highest quality.

    How do I pay?

    We accept PayPal, Google Checkout and credit card payments.

    Can I pay in a different currency?

    You can make payment in any currency you want.


    The fonts required to replicate the exact look of the template shown are listed in the description of the flyer. The fonts are not included with the purchase of the flyer but can be purchased at any of the various websites that sell font styles. Adobe Photoshop comes with a preloaded list of fonts, if the font required to edit the flyer is not available and you do not want to purchase it, you can simply use any of the fonts you have available to edit the text of your flyer. If you want the exact look, we have text editing services available.

    White Label & Brokerage Accounts

    Want to make our inventory your inventory? Ask us about white label and brokerage account solutions. We have a solution to fit your needs!